5 Things You Need To Know For February 27th

There's more, we're sure, but only know 5.

February 27, 2019



1. Hours before he is set to sit down with Kim, Trump expressed optimism -- but also uncertainty -- about the results he will achieve with Kim.


2. The FDA is recalling more blood pressure medication. The medication continues to be Losartan, which has been involved in several other recalls, however this time it's Macleods Pharmaceuticals Limited that is issuing the recall. The tablets, which are 100mg/25mg, have been recalled due to an impurity that could cause cancer.


3. Amazon could be facing a New York-style backlash in response to its plans for a massive second headquarters in Virginia. Inspired in part by the success of community activists, a group of advocates calling themselves "For Us, Not Amazon" is demanding that Northern Virginia reject the tech giant's plans for a second headquarters in Arlington. The activists are decrying the negative impact of displacement and rising housing costs on low-income and minority communities in the region,


4. Fans of the romantic tearjerker “The Notebook” were left outraged after learning that the Netflix version playing in the United Kingdom omitted the film’s ending for a less heartbreaking outcome.The final scene has the couple sharing their last breath in bed. The UK version, however, features the couple holding hands while birds fly over a lake. 


5.  It's bad etiquette to eat a hot dog in more than five bites.  At least according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council.    ​