Five Things You Need To Know: Tuesday, 10-27-2020

October 27, 2020
ice cream machine

Five Things You Need To Know For Tuesday, 10-27-2020:

1. Nasa announced yesterday that there is more water on the moon than they originally thought which means it could be "accessible as a human resource."

2. You can track all of the broken ice cream machines at McDonald's near you. shows you which locations have a working ice cream machine.

3. The Greensboro Science Center is hiring for part time seasonal help for their "Winter Wonderlights", all information is on their Facebook.

4. The town of Kernersville is hosting a "Haunted Walking Tour", it runs all weekend long starting at 7pm. Get your tickets at the Kernersville Museum.

5. (Fun Fact:) In honor of National Beer Day, the world's most expensive beer was auctioned off at $503,300!!