First Responder Friday: Landon Church, Stokes County E-911 Dispatcher

February 28, 2020

Landon Church, Stokes County E-911 Dispatcher. 

This week's First Responder hits close to home for one member of the Wake Up With The Wolf Show. Annie Camp's younger sister, Landon is a emergency operator for Stokes County.

Annie Camp nominated her sister and says, "My baby sister dedicates long hours away from home in a room with two other people, helping to protect/save/prevent harm from peoples' lives. She's a hero in my eyes because of her hard work and dedication to keep the people of Stokes County safe. She's worked as a 911 dispatcher for 2 years, has training as a caregiver and went to school to be an EMT. This position kind of fell into her lap, but it suits her so well. She's calm, cool, and collected, and can handle these stressful situations. Sometimes she's the only thing keeping people on the phone safe or calm before the other responders arrive on scene. It takes a lot of grit to do what she does and I'm so proud to call her my sister. Keep up the good work babygirl! I love you!"

Hats off to you Landon Church, The Wolf salutes you for your everyday sacrifices!

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