Trisha Yearwood Surprises Garth Brooks for His Birthday

By: Lauren Hoffman

February 7, 2017

With it being Garth Brooks’ 55th Birthday TODAY, nothing would stop Trisha Yearwood from surprising her husband. The party started on February 6 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

As Garth welcomes his fans to 'Inside Studio G' during a Facebook live…

As if we couldn’t adore this power couple enough already, Garth answers a fans questions by saying, “wherever Ms. Yearwood is, that’s home for me. My last breath on this Earth, I hope it’s wherever she’s at.”

Also, you get major bonus points if you bring Garth his favorite, Dr Pepper or M&M’s.

As Garth Brooks is currently traveling on his world tour and continuing to announce new cities, we hope everyone has the chance to attend one of this country music legend's shows.