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Sick at Christmas

Is Christmas Making You Sick?

Do you struggle every year with the decision to get a real tree or a fake tree for Christmas? Well, there is now a more compelling reason to skip the real deal! An Upstate Medical University study shows that Christmas Tree Syndrome is a real thing. It's caused by mold spores in the air resulting in... Read More
Bryan Cranston

Walter White Joins SNL to Reveal Trump's DEA Pick

Saturday Night Live didn't open this weekend with their usual Alec Baldwin Trump Impression. Instead they took a different approach to political satire with a little help from not your average High School Science Teacher! Video of The Lead with Jake Tapper Cold Open - SNL Read More
Kids Art

Dad Turns Son's Drawings Into Real Pictures

The best job any person can have, is being a parent! One of the hardest parts of being a parent is telling your kids that their terrible drawings are BEAUTIFUL! This Dad took his 6 year old Son's drawings and turned them into real pictures and it's HILARIOUS! *Warning* be prepared to LOL! http://... Read More

Can vegans do anything?

Well this is pretty sad . . . but at least it reinforces my controversial life decision to put bacon on EVERYTHING. A 34-year-old woman named Maria Strydom from Australia was climbing Mount Everest last week because she wanted to prove that, quote, "vegans can do anything." Unfortunately for her... Read More