Rise and Shine: Need a Job?

What to Do NOW If You're Out of Work

May 24, 2020
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If you are out of work at the moment, either temporarily or permanently, you are not alone. Unemployment rates in North Carolina and the entire country are staggering right now. Or, maybe, you've come to the realization that life is too short to go to work every day at a job you can't stand and you are ready to change careers. Randy Wooden from the Professional Center at Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina is here to help.

Take a listen to our conversation if you'd like to learn:

  • what to do right now if you have recently lost your job,
  • why networking is SO important and how to do it,
  • how to figure out which career/job is the right one for you,   
  • what free resources are available for job seekers.

Here's Randy's contact info if you'd like more info or some additional help. Remember, his services are free of charge.

Randy Wooden
Director, Professional Center by Goodwill
Goodwill Industries of Northwest NC
Phone: 336.464.0516