Friday=Football and Danny Harnden's got the Scoop!

High School, ACC and the Panthers...we cover it all!

September 27, 2019

It may not feel like football season, but it most definitely is! Fox 8 sports' Danny Harnden joins me each week with a preview of all the big games: high school, ACC, and the Panthers. 

This week we talk about:

  • Tonight's showdown between East Surry and state champs, Reidsville. Both teams are 5-0...until tonight, that is.
  • East Surry's "ruthless" QB ;)
  • Most improved...Oak Grove?
  • When a HS coach admits he was wrr...wrrrr...wrong.
  • What happens to the football program when two schools combine. Looking at YOU, Montgomery Central!
  • Carolina vs Clemson- yeah, good luck Tarheels.
  • Wake Forest heading to another Bowl Game?!
  • Panthers-Kyle Allen's killer performance, what's Ron Rivera gonna do when Cam is healthy again? How old is Cam Newton in "football years"?
  • How I REALLY feel about football.