Danielle Bradbery Announces Sophomore Album, 'I Don't Believe We've Met'

August 4, 2017

© Mark J. Rebilas

Danielle Bradbery has announced she will be releasing her sophomore album, December 1. The country singer's new project is titled, I Don't Believe We've Met.

“I am more than ready to re-introduce myself with music that is true to my story and my sound after diving into the writing process over the past four years,” said Bradbery. “With I Don’t Believe We’ve Met, I got the opportunity to work with amazing writers and producers that brought out my unique style and allowed me to tap into so many different influences. This is the beginning of a new chapter for me, and I am so excited for everyone to hear what we've made.”  

While embarking on her personal journey, it lead Bradbery to writing seven of the ten new tracks on the album. The 21-year-old released the lead single, "Sway," earlier this summer.

Listen below!