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Justin Moore Posts Gross Pics to Instagram

March 6, 2017

We love to follow our favorite Country Music Stars on instagram! All to be able to get a glimpse into their lives, from their own perspective - the good, the bad and the ugly! 

Justin Moore rocked the house in Greensboro just a few weeks ago and then headed right to his next show... and the next.. and the next one after that. Sometimes we forget, as fans, that it's not all fun and games, being a performer. They work hard to bring us the music that we love so much and sometimes their body feels the repercussions of that crazy, not so glamorous, rock n roll lifestyle.

Justin Moore did something he'd never done before last weekend. He CANCELED a show due to illness! Just to make sure his story held up for the fans, he posted the images of his puss ridden, infected vocal chords!


Thanks for all the well wishes guys. I've been on the road for 10 years, and this is the first time I've ever cancelled a show due to an illness. Sorry to the fans, and I promise we will make it up to y'all. These are some pics of my vocal chords. Be forewarned, they're gross! Needless to say, this is not what they are supposed to look like!

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We got nothing but pure love and respect for ya Justin! Hope you feel better soon!