Experts: Decorating for the Holidays Early Actually Makes Us Happier

By: Kelly Meyers

November 20, 2017

Is it OK to decorate for the winter holidays BEFORE Thanksgiving? There's always a debate about when is too soon to decorate for Christmas, right? Well, it turns out that may actually be good for your health!

We've actually had a poll on our website that asks that very question for a few weeks now:

As you can see: a majority of our listeners say it IS OK to decorate for Chrsitmas BEFORE Thanksgiving. 

Well, now we know it could be good for your health! 

Steve McKeown, a psychoanalyst, told Unilad that holiday decorations can be a pathway to those old "Christmas magical emotions of excitement."

So he says that putting your decorations up a little early can actually extend the excitement. 

Plus who doesn't love the warm glow coming from a lit Christmas tree? For me, it seems like the lights just make me happier. In fact, they help me decompress after a day of stress.