Do You Split The Tab Evenly Or Ask For Separate Checks?

I'll have a water, a salad...and a separate check, please:)

January 8, 2019

We've all been in this situation, you're meeting a group of friends out for dinner and they're living it up ordering drinks and appetizers, and you wanted to go out and be social but you're on a budget so you order specifically what you can afford...then the check comes. Do you go along with the "let's all chip in" or ask for a separate tab? It was unanimous between Dale, Amy & Chase that you ask for a separate tab, and do it upfront so there's no confusion with the server at the end. But we asked what YOU thought, what would you do?! And #WolfNation delivered! We hear from a local restaurant owner, a listener who is a server, and another listener who just has been in this situation time and time again. Did they agree or disagree with us?