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The Wolf's Top Awkward Moments from the Grammys

February 13, 2017

No show is ever flawless, especially when you're dealing with LIVE TV - Murphy's Law comes into play in a major way! That being said - there were quite a few MAJOR blunders in this year's Grammy Award performances. We put together a list of the Top 7 Awkward Moments from the Grammys... highlighting a few Shining Wonderful Performances at the end, so hang in there, it gets better we promise!


1. During an impromptu Carpool Karaoke - Apparently this was not staged because numerous stars, such as Tim & Faith did not know the words to Sweet Caroline... and didn't hide it well either lol.

2. When Metallica performed with Lady Gaga in what was supposed to be an epic vocal back and forth between James Hetfield and Lady Gaga... except James' mic didn't work and so you could see his lips moving and nothing came out.

3. When Adele paid emotional tribute to George Michael in a slow version of Fastlove... and had to stop and start the song completely over due to an issue with her ear piece.

4. When Sturgill Simpson won Country Album of the Year... and no one knew who he was.

Sturgill Simpson
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5. When Twenty One Pilots won their first ever Grammy and removed their pants to receive the award. This wasn't the awkward part surprisingly... it was the look on Dwight Yoakam's face as the duo dropped drawers next to him in the isle. 

Twenty One Pilots Grammys Pantless
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6. The open of the show when James Corden's lift had a malfunction and then he literally rolled down the stairs. Was this scripted or real? Regardless it was just AWKWARD!

7. Lastly - Beyonce's whole performance. Am I the only one who genuinely feels like the music and her vocals, while both are beautiful... sound like two completely different songs? Not to mention there was quite a lot of time spent worshiping her... and not much singing. Hey, I'm just being honest here. I LOVE Beyonce - just don't get this new phase for her. Surely I'm not alone!

Beyonce Grammy Performance
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There were, however, some truly AMAZING performances and moments in last night's Grammys!

Maren Morris and Alicia Keys - hands down, best performance of the night, in my opinion.

Bruno Mars is always always on point! Just hand that boy a mic and he'll get the crown moving, but his tribute to Price was outstanding!

James Cordon's parents 45th anniversary bit! He cuts to the audience to show the happy couple only to find his dad with Heidi Klum on his lap and his Mom sitting with Nick Jonas! 

Adele, once she began the song again, moved me to tears with her tribute to George Michael!