August 7, 2017

First dates can be stressful. Sometimes stress can cause us to not entirely represent our best versions of ourselves, so I hope you're not doing any of these things...

Here are the Top 10 Reasons he might not be looking for a Second Date with you:

10. You're a messy eater. Maybe ribs aren't the best choice for a first date!

9. You're talking too much. Make sure you're giving your date time to talk too. How else are you going to find out about what they're into?

8. You're texting or taking calls during the date. There is only one exception for this. You have kids at home with a babysitter or you're taking that "emergency call" to end the date early!

7. You have a little too much to drink. Hey it's easy to maybe have a little too much when you're trying to loosen up... but a 1st date isn't a keg race. Stay classy!

6. You're talking about your ex. Simply put, the past is in the past for a reason. If you're still talking about your ex then maybe you're not ready to move on. 

5. You're holding back your personality. Seriously, you're mom wasn't lying when she said to "Be yourself!" So, you're really into knitting kitten mittens... there's a guy out there who will think that's cool!

4. You're being way too serious or displaying no sense of humor. It's ok to laugh! Yes, you may be counting the number of years left on your biological clock under the table, but relax. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself! No relationship should start by picking your wedding date!

3. You're checking out other men on the date. Really? Who does this?

2. You treat the server or bartender poorly. This is a BIG ONE! You can always tell the true character of a person by how they treat servers. If you're rude to the wait staff then you probably have quite a high opinion of yourself!

1. You have bad breath. OK, there is no excuse for this one. There are literally hundreds of items for sale right by the check out counter at every grocery store, gas station ranging from gum and mints, to tiny sheets of mystical breath freshener that dissolve on your tongue.