Toby Keith For President?!?

August 15, 2016

Toby Keith is filthy rich... we all know this, right? Because he's a mega Country Music Legend! But, apparently he also owns a piece of Big Machine Record Label - which signed Taylor Swift as a teenager. In a recent interview, Keith claimed that he can live more than comfortably just on the royalties alone from Big Machine. How smart of an investment was that?? Genius!!

We haven't seen much from Toby for a few years, he's kept a bit of a quiet life...probably just living life as the second highest earning artist in the world. Second to Miss Swift of course, which I'm sure is A-OK with him!  

The interview really got interesting when he was asked about his political opinion. He said he's disappointed in the Presidential Candidates. He can't believe that out of 300 million Americans, these are the two we have to pick from. However, he doesn't care if either of them use his music in their campaign. He get's royalties either way. 

So, Clay and I have decided that since we're not happy with our choices either, we VOTE TOBY FOR PRESIDENT! Who's with us??