Ex Girlfriend


Should You Still Be Friends With Your Ex?

March 6, 2017

88% of people admit to creeping on their ex's facebook pages to keep up with them after they break up. 2/3 of people admit to using a friend's facebook account to check up on ex's. 30% of people say they post new pics just to try and make their ex's jealous. 

Upon reviewing these statistics this morning on the Wake Up With the Wolf Show, Dale and Corie stumbled into a heated discussion about whether or not it is weird to be friends with your ex. Is it acceptable to still talk to or hang out with your ex, even after you've moved on to another serious relationship?

See who still hangs with their ex... and who feels like that's ridiculous! Of course, like all conversations between a man and a women regarding dating/marriage, it turned into a battle of the sexes!