Should it Cost More to Weekend Binge Watch?

Netflix is testing it out.

May 17, 2017

Binge watching entire seasons of show has become the new TV time. We're doing less scheduled TV show watching daily and instead devoting more large blocks of time weekly or on weekends to watching entire seasons of shows at a time. 

If you're busy like us through the week, most of your binging occurs over the weekend. There's nothing better than settling in for a new season of your favorite show knowing you have the freedom to watch episodes back to back for the low cost of a Netflix monthly fee. 

Apparently Netflix is considering capitalizing on this binge time. They're now testing increased monthly fees for the ability to binge watch over the weekend. They're testing $1-3 more a month for the service. So, you have to ask yourself - is it worth the extra cash to have uninterrupted viewing or is this enough to cause you to stick it to the man and say No Way to Netflix?

Or maybe this is the sign you've been looking for to put down the remote and live a little more of your life?