Protesting in Charlotte - Will Panthers Play?

September 23, 2016

With all of the protesting in Charlotte this week, there has been much speculation on whether Sunday's Panther's Game would be postponed or moved to another location. While it seems that Thursday night's protests were much more peaceful, we're not sure about the future. 

Mike from Greensboro called in to answer our questions. As of now, they ARE scheduled to play this Sunday at Bank of America Stadium against the Vikings.

One thing is for sure, Facebook Live videos have changed the way we keep up to date with the protests. News crews are able to send people directly into the action simply with a phone to capture the story. At times it's difficult to take the footage seriously... when the guy behind the camera is choking on tear gas. On a serious note though, our thoughts and prayers remain with all those involved. It's a scary time for our nation and all eyes are on Charlotte this week.