Olympic Swimmers Robbed at Gun Point

August 15, 2016

How is it that you can end up getting robbed at gun point in Rio? Is it just lawless? 

My theory - ya know how when you take an all inclusive vacation out of the country and you're told not to leave the resort area? Because it can be unsafe, right? Well my understanding was that the Olympic Athletes were warned not to venture outside of their areas due to lack of security.  

Ryan Lochte and three other USA Swimmers were robbed early Sunday morning at gun point when their taxi was pulled over by what they thought were police. Lochte tweeted:

I think this is so sad, not just because these guys are Americans and we feel a sense of protection over them, but because the Olympics is supposed to be a time when we gather together with the best athletes from all over the world to celebrate. This really upsets me that there is apparently such a lack of security or protection for our men and women representing us so proudly!