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The Most Epic Love Scenes from Your Favorite Movies

February 14, 2017

It's Valentine's Day and there's no better way to celebrate the day than with an epic love story. Whether you're single or attached, these are some of the best scenes from our favorite love stories all wrapped up into one blog! Happy Valentine's Day from the Wolf!

1. The Notebook - I don't care who you are this makes you believe in TRUE love!

2. When Harry Met Sally - We learn just exactly why men and women can't be just friends!

3. Urban Coyboy - Proof that sometimes two stubborn people are just meant to be together. 

4. Notting Hill - When we learne that love doesn't have to be so complicated. Sometimes love is a simple question!

5. Bridges of Madison County - Last but not least... We determined that THIS was by far the most intense scene from any love story! Like, can't breathe kind of scene! 

Of course when we asked Tater to weigh in... he suggested Deadpool and Full Metal Jacket as his favorite Love Stories! haha