Man, That Turkey is Fresh

November 23, 2016

I'm not much of a cook... it's not necessarily a bad thing, I just don't find much pleasure in it. My husband on the other hand, he's an excellent cook. Actually he's more accurately described as a chef! This Thanksgiving, we're having family dinner at my parents house which means one thing for my husband - he doesn't get to cook everything!

My parents have graciously asked my husband to prepare the main event this year - the TURKEY! Problem is that they've already purchased the bird, not knowing that our meat smoker and fryer have an 18 pound limit... and the turkey weighs in at a whopping 21 POUNDS! 

Being a problem solver, my husband hit up YouTube for the best instructional video on how to remove the legs and wings from a turkey... ya know, to MAKE IT FIT in the pot! Not knowing what he was up to, I casually looked over his shoulder to see what he was watching. To my utter dismay, he's glued to a video of this little old lady hacking into a bird... rings still on... and describing every little tendon as she rips through them with her knife. 

...you can probably guess the rest of the story! Later, a Wolf listener called to tell Corie why she couldn't probably NEVER eat at her house! You have to listen!