Man Flushes His Buddy's Ashes... and it's Cool!

Corie's Cool Story

May 4, 2017

When you think of spreading a loved one's ashes somewhere memorable, you probably think first of places like the ocean or maybe a mountain, right?

Well this guy in NY got a little more creative when he lost his buddy about a decade ago. Both being huge baseball fans, he decided that professional baseball games was the most fitting place to spread the ashes... but he added a humorous twist in that he flushes small amounts of the ashes down the toilet at the baseball stadiums. YES! You read that correctly!

See, his buddy was a plumber and had a great sense of humor. So, he feels like this is the best way to properly pay tribute to his memory.

He told the New York Times that he has just a small amount of ashes left and he plans to make his final flush at Durham Athletic Park, where they filmed Bull Durham, right here in beautiful NC!

What do y'all think? Weird or actually sentimental?