Mamaw Says the Red Dress is Trashy

...and other life tips from Mamaw!

May 17, 2017

From time to time Dale brings up a topic that really strikes a nerve with me. This particular topic was no disappointment...

A new study says that the color red does not make you look sexier, despite the past stigma that goes along with wearing something Red Hot. Prince sang about the "Little Red Corvette", John Michael Montgomery sang about Ruby Red Lips in "Sold"... it's not a new idea, this Red thing. 

Upon discussion, both Dale and Chase were quick to point out that the Little Red Dress is much hotter than the Little Black Dress. This is where I had to step in and lay some ground rules on wearing Little Anything Dresses as taught to me by my Mamaw (God rest her soul). 

My personal opinion is that the only women who should be wearing a red dress respectfully is Mrs. Clause... or someone on stage... or someone deliberately trying to give off the kinda trashy vibe. Now this opinion comes second to the RULE for dresses... or really the rule for dressing classy in general. We'll call it "Mamaw's Rule #1". When picking a dress to show off your sexuality... your women-ness... your best asset... you have to PICK ONE feature. What she meant by this is, you have cleavage, legs and a mid-section. It's totally cool to showcase any of these features if they're your best look, but you have to just pick one!

Of course, Dale and Chase had more than enough to say about Mamaw's Rule, but the listeners had my back and came to my support!

Listen to the podcast from the Wake Up With the Wolf Show below!




Mamaw Says the Red Dress is Trashy