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Major Movie Roles that Almost Went to Someone Else

July 20, 2017

When we think of classic movies like Forrest Gump, it's difficult to think of anyone else ever playing the role of Forrest, other than Tom Hanks. Would it shock you to know that Tom Hanks was NOT the first choice for the role? That's right, it was John Travolta.

Another major film from the 90's was Top Gun. Tom Cruise played the role of Maverick, however Matthew Modine was actually first offered the part. He turned it down due to his comfort level with the military tone of the film. 

Indian Jones played by Harrison Ford is a favorite for all of us, however he was not the first choice for the character of Indiana. It was almost Tom Selleck.

Attention Star Wars fans!! The role of Han Solo was almost cast to Christopher Walken. Woah! Imagine how different Harrison Ford's career could have been if he'd missed Indiana Jones and Star Wars?

The Godfather, regarded as possibly one of the greatest films of all time, lead role played by Marlon Brando almost went to Jack Nicholson. Actually, if you've ever seen The Departed then you can almost see this as having worked out. 

The lead male role in Pretty Women played by Richard Gere was first offered to Al Pacino. Hey, Pacino was a suave mysterious man who could have been a great fit. 

Sandra Bullock's lead character in The Proposal was first offered to Julia Roberts. Eh... maybe not a huge difference if we're honest. 

Silence of the Lambs star Jodie Foster was offered her part after Michelle Pfeiffer turned it down. Definitely can't see it any other way.

Boogie Nights' "Dirk Diggler" was set to be Leonardo DeCaprio until they determined he didn't "measure up" and Mark Wahlberg was a better fit. 

This one almost doesn't seem possible! Keanu Reeves character in the Matrix was first cast to Will Smith. Really?