Lochte Lies... What's a Little White Lie?

August 19, 2016

Ryan Lochte is allll over the news for lying about being robbed at gun point in Rio. Officials are reporting that he, along with 3 others, are actually guilty of vandalizing a gas station restroom, and that no such robbing ever occurred. 

Look, we're not saying what he did was right. I mean, my Mamaw always told me "A lie is a lie, is a lie"...whatever that means! 

Clay opened up about a white lie from his youth - Apparently he would use the restroom, and then just run the water for a few seconds instead of taking the time to wash his hands. GROSS!!

While I started sanitizing the Wolf Studio, Michelle from High Point called to tell us her little white lie. We were shocked! **listen to the audio to find out about Michelle** You be the judge on whether Michelle's white lie is all that little!