Lochte Apologizes - Corie Doesn't

August 22, 2016

Ryan Lochte officially apologizes for the Lie... but how convincing does he sound? It's unfortunate that this is what we'll remember most from the Rio Olympics...

In the spirit of sharing white lies, this morning I shared a tale from my college days at East Carolina University, where I lied to a friend about her cheating boyfriend. It's not what you think though! My friend's skeezy boyfriend was such a jerk to her and the rest of us. Everyone knew he was cheating... but there was no hard core proof. So, one night I went out with few others and decided to fib just a wee bit -We told our friend that her boyfriend had been spotted at a bar making out with another girl. This ultimately broke up the relationship and saved my friend from what could have been years of mistakes. She was actually thinking she was going to marry this D-bag... who stole DVD's from my apartment and drunk drove her car all the time. 

So, what's a little white lie when it saves some ones life, right? I mean, that's not that bad... is it??