Kathleen's Key to the City

August 22, 2016

Incase you've been living under a rock and not listening to your favorite morning show... Kathleen Baker received the Key to the City of Winston-Salem this past weekend in Winston-Salem. Clay took Bitty Feller over to the party to try and meet her... but failed big time when he realized that he forgot a stroller AND Bitty Feller is right at the age of I want to run into trouble constantly! So after 45 min of waiting with a wiggly boy in line, he never made it up to the actual meet at greet, but he did see Kathleen. Apparently she was allowing people to try on her GOLD MEDAL, but noooot Clay! 

We're still just so pumped that she won a Gold and Silver Medal... and came back to her old stompin grounds to share the love and allow us to show her support!