Man with Roses


High School Senior Has 625 Valentine's

February 16, 2017

Valentine's Day was earlier this week - if you're like us at the Wolf- several lucky ladies received flowers while others... didn't.

Zach Perterson, a high school senior in Minnesota, brought 625 roses to school with him on Valentine's Day, but it wasn't to shower one lucky lady with a life time supply of roses. His mission was to hand deliver a single long stem rose to each girl in his school. He had the girls line up so that he could do just that! Many greeted him with smiles and hugs, while several actually broke into tears stating that they'd never been given a flower before. 

Now, you're probably asking just how much 625 roses set this guy back! He was smart and purchased them in bulk from Sam's Club - but it still rang up to a total of $450! But this was all worth it to show these young women just how wonderful they all are and how much they deserve to be be treated with respect and love!

Now the question is - how many dates this kid has lined up in the next few years!