High School Football Pick of the Week

September 9, 2016

The Official High School Football Pick of the Week is the DAVIE COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL WAR EAGLES!

Tonight the War Eagles go head to head with the North Rowan Cavilers. Since they are our HS Pick of the Week, we're sure they'll win!! No actually, one thing we know about Davie County is that they breed those boys to play some freaking football!! Corie actually has a bit of history with some boys from over there. A West Rowan graduate herself, she has friends from all surrounding schools. A family friend from Davie High School actually got picked up by the Carolina Panthers this season!?! Jared Barber, a 2008 graduate of Davie High School, played for West Virginia University and walked on with the Carolina Panthers this past summer! 

If his career is any indication of the level of athleticism that Davie produces... I think we'll see a "W" for the War Eagles tonight!