Headline Challenge Tues 8/8/16

August 9, 2016

Think you have what it takes to take down Corie in today's Headline Challenge? Brittany and Alex compete with Corie for Dixie Chicks Tickets!!

Headline Challenge 1

  1.  VH1 is developing a cooking show hosted by MARTHA STEWART and SNOOP DOGG.  It's called "Martha and Snoop's Dinner Party", and it'll premiere sometime this fall.  Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella?
  2.  If you’re down with TV Crossover shows, you’re gonna love the Brooklyn 9-9 / New Girl crossover that’s coming October 11th…are those shows on Fox or ABC?
  3. Glam Rocker Dee Snider is a grandfather for the fourth time…his son’s wife gave birth on a California FREEWAY! Was he in Quiet Riot or Twisted Sister?

Headline Challenge 2

  1. Oops! Donald Trump had another slip of the ‘ol tongue while in Detroit, he tried to say Detroit Rock City, but instead said a word that rhymed with city that referred to a lady’s…well…ya know. What was the name of that business reality show he used to be on?
  2. Burger King’s Whopper Burrito goes on sale nationwide next week! It has all the ingredients from a Whopper . . . like the burger and toppings . . . but chopped up and rolled in a tortilla.  The only difference is that instead of mayo, they use a queso sauce.  What Carolina Country singer used to be the spokesperson for BK?
  3. Tyler Hubbard thinks artists should embrace music streaming because that means people are listening! If you were to cross the Florida Georgia line, odds are you’re on this major interstate?