Headline Challenge Monday 8/8/16

Think you have what it takes to take Corie down?

August 8, 2016

Shaun and Julie see if they have what it takes to take Corie down in this morning's headline challenge. They battle it out for tickets to see the Dixie Chicks and Zac Brown Band live in concert!

​Game One

  1. Not sure if this is a sign of bad luck or not…but Dancing With The Stars’ Kym Johnson’s wedding dress caught fire during the ceremony…name the three words she should’ve done when she was ablaze…
  1. Some are saying jealousy is the reason there’s now a ton of nude photos of Justin Bieber all over the internets today…if you walked in on a naked Bieber in a dressing room, what song title would you say?
  1. A Rod will play his final game on Friday…and it wasn’t all his decision either…word is he was going to get cut soon anyway…does he play for the Braves or the Yankees?

Game Two

  1. “Suicide Squad” has broken the August opening weekend record…taking in $135.1 million bucks…that blew away the previous record set by “Guardians of the Galaxy” or “Star Wars The Force Awakens”
  2. Team USA is in the lead so far in the Summer Olympics…with 12 medals! What precious metal can be scrapped out of old air conditioners and the walls of abandoned houses?\
  3. Jennifer Grey says she doesn’t want to be in ABC’s remake of Dirty Dancing…she wouldn’t say what role they wanted her to play, but we doubt it would be this that should never be in the corner…