Did We Forget?

September 12, 2016

Sunday marked the 15th anniversary since the US suffered one of it's most devastating tragedies. That day and the following days and weeks, America bonded together out of fear and compassion, remembering just what it meant to not only love thy neighbor, but feel the unfaltering desire to defend, protect and honor those lives lost and those who serve in the name of freedom. 

Here we are 15 years later and we still remember that day and show the world that we remember by lighting up social media and news with images and videos. We post stories about where we were on that day when we got the news and how it made us feel.

One thing you may not have noticed as you drove around Sunday, Sept 11th, was that many of the flags around town were not at half staff. This morning we talked about what it really means to honor and pay respect to those lives lost... and asked a very important question. In these past 15 years, have we forgotten? Is Sept 11 slowly becoming another day in the history books for this next generation to just learn about? 

What do you think? How can we move forward as a stronger nation while still holding true to the memories of past events that challenged us most, yet bonded us closer as brothers and sisters? 

How do we get back there... to that feeling of pride and loyalty. That day it didn't matter who was in the White House. That day and the days after, it was OUR HOUSE and we would stop at nothing to protect and honor it. 

Have we forgotten what it means to be American? Forgotten what it means to be brothers and sisters? Forgotten what it means to respect each other? How can we get back?