Extra Large Coffee Cup


Coffee So Strong It Will Kill You

March 6, 2017

Dale shared a story this morning on the Wake Up With the Wolf Show that got mixed reviews from Corie and Wolf Listeners!

Apparently they've finally created a coffee that will keep you awake and fully alert for 12-18 hours! It's 75 times stronger than one shot of espresso. So it should come as no shock that with the intense ingredients, it also comes with some pretty strict instructions/warnings! 

You can only have ONE cup (literally 8 ounces) and you have to sip it over the course of 4-5 hours. If you have more than 1 cup or you consume it too quickly, it could result in DEATH!

OK, so worth it? or way too risky? 

Should those who would follow the rules and use according to the directions, be panelized for those who will inevitably missuse the product?