Clowns Goin' Down

September 8, 2016

There have been terrifying recent reports of CLOWNS attempting to lure kids into the woods in South Carolina, and now the Triad of North Carolina. Straight out of Stephen King's movie, IT! I know more people than I can count who hate clowns, so it's actually surprising to me that anyone still goes for the whole clown thing for kid's birthdays. 

While there haven't been any reports of child abductions, there is a new report of a man chasing one of these clowns back into the woods with a machete! Wow, that actually brings up a good point... why hasn't anyone captured a clown yet? It is in fact on the brink of Deer Hunting Season here in Carolina, isn't it? Aren't the clowns scared of being caught by the wrong Bubba? While I'm not a hunter... I am an excellent shot. Just sayin, don't let me catch one of these creepers near my kid!