Best Pep Talk Ever

Coach Tells Son He Loves Him and To Just Have Fun

August 24, 2016

This story is one that should serve as an example on how to motivate your kids to do their best and not get all psyched out about losing. True parent goals!

During the Little League World Series, a coach runs out to the pitchers mound to give his son a quick pep talk... but he doesn't say what you think he's going to say. He tells his son “Hey, I just came out to tell you how much I love you, as a Dad and a player, ok?” He then goes on to tell him to just have some fun and do his best. 

How much of a better world would it be if we all talked to each other that way? Someone at work is messing up or dropping the ball - instead of yelling at them or talking behind their back, how about you go right up to them and say "Hey buddy, I respect you as a friend and a professional.. and you got this!" Boom!



Little League World Series - Parent Goals

Little League World Series - Parent Goals