Are Your Gas Habits Normal?

May 9, 2017

According to this new survey of 200,000 people, 60% of us pass gas at work and don't CARE if our work mates notice! While this may seem astounding, check out the other disgusting gas stats proven by the survey!

These questions were given to 200,000 participants and their answers are... well, either impressive or gross depending on how you look at it!

1. Have you ever blamed someone else for YOUR gas? More than 75% said YES!

2. Do you ever pass gas in public, like a bus or elevator? Almost 60% said YES!

3. Do you ever hold in your gas... even if it makes your stomach hurt? Only 35% said NO!

4. Do you pass gas in front of your significant other? 65% said yes... but we're sure it's much higher!

5. Do you ever pass gas and SAVOR the scent? Almost HALF said YES! 

The Wake Up With the Wolf Show shared maybe a little too much this morning on the topic!