The 2 Keys to Happiness

Harvard Has the Answer

October 10, 2017

Harvard has conducted a long-term study, 80 years to be exact, with the goal of identifying the keys to maintaining happiness throughout life. 80 years seems pretty legit.. so here's what the great minds came up with. Just two things:

1. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff! Yes, bad stuff will happen sometimes, but don't focus on the day to day insignificant things that will just stress you out. You'll have a much happier life if you realize that life is short, too short to be held back by the petty stuff.

2. Don't Let Yourself Become Isolated! The study found that people who socialize more and stay close with friends and family, are simply happier. Not saying that you have to be a social butterfly to achieve happiness, just don't isolate yourself... or only surround yourself with negative people.