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Thanksgiving Traditions

November 21, 2017

Thanksgiving is just a few days away and we're starting to think of all the Thanksgiving traditions, new and old!

Here are some cool ideas that you might like to include this year, if you don't already!


1) Start the day with a big hearty breakfast! A lot of families don't get to the main event, Thanksgiving Dinner, until late afternoon, so starting with a nice breakfast can help hold your hunger until Turkey Time!


Watch TV

2) Don't forget to take some time for yourself to relax! It's a busy day for cooking and entertaining... and cleaning, but it's a good idea to get started cooking early in the morning so you can hopefully take a few hours to just relax. Watch some football or if you're really lucky, watch the back of your eyelids for a while!


Kids Bake

3) Let the kids get involved in the process! Dessert can be a less messy dish to include them on. They'll feel proud of their contribution and hopefully continue their participation with more difficult items as they get older.


Cheers at Dinner

4) Toast the cooks and go around the table to let everyone say what they're thankful for! You could also have everyone write down what they're thankful for on a scrap of paper and mix them up. Pass the bunch around and have everyone pull one out, read it and guess who's it was - for a fun twist. 


Family Dinner Prayer

5) Join hands to pray before the meal. Holding hands creates a closer bond and encourages kids to participate. You can also pay respects to those loved ones who you've lost in recent years. 


Family Walk

6) After your meal, take a family walk to get the blood flowing again and that metabolism kicked back up! It's also fun to do with the kids!


No matter what you're up to this Thanksgiving, we wish you Happy Holidays from your Wolf Family!