Impulse Shopping - The Truth Come Out

February 22, 2018

This morning on the Wake Up With the Wolf Show, we revealed our secret impulse shopping habits. I am a sucker for a last minute Reeses at the check out. Dale admits to actually leaving his house to go buy candy. Chase says his impulse buys are strictly electronic.

According to a new survey from Slickdeals, for most Americans, we make around 156 impulse purchases each year. This equates to about $324,000 over the course of your life. The top 5 items we're most likely to impulsively splurge on:

1. FOOD. 71% of us admit to buying items we don't want or need at the grocery store. 3 out of 4 people say they buy candy at the check out.... so 25% say they DON'T?!

2. Clothing. 53% of Americans surveyed report they buy clothes on the fly.

3. Household items. 33% say they buy stuff for the house on a whim. I know this is especially true when you have a new house or apartment... ya gotta decorate and show it off!

4. Takeout food and delivery. This is especially true for working parents I think! 29% of Americans say they do this regularly... I can't believe it's not higher!

5. Shoes. 25% admit to impulsively buying shoes. I mean... if they're buy one pair, get another half off... it'd be wrong not to!

What do you impulsively buy?