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Blake and Gwen Do Some Pre-Show Shopping in Greensboro

March 11, 2018

The Wolf had the chance to sit down with Blake Shelton before he took the stage in Greensboro last night. He mentioned that he and girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, did have a chance to do some walking around Greensboro and they made their way to the Wrangler Store, set to close for renovations on Sunday. He said Gwen just couldn't resist the 50% off sale! 

That's not the funniest part of the story however! He said that the guy working in the store had no clue who they were!! Blake told us about how the store clerk asked "So are you in town for the big show tonight?" to which Blake said "...uh yeah I am". Store clerk asked "Where are you from?", Blake says, "Well I live in Nashville...". The store clerk then goes on to say "Wow that's far to drive!" and Blake says "Well I'm kind of WITH the show"... and the store clerk just kept digging that hole by asking "Oh man, do you like, play guitar? Stage set up or what??" and then Blake had to drop the final clue - "Yeah I play guitar... but I sing too... I'm... Blake Shelton." Blake told The Wolf that the look on the guys face was Priceless! 

When the store clerk realized that the lead singer from 90's -2000's band No Doubt was also there... the conversation got more interesting, as you can well imagine!

We promised Blake that not all Greensboro Peeps are that clueless LOL! 

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