Clay Jd Walker Blogs

Luke Combs' Unreleased "Refrigerator Door"

We've found country music's next superstar - Carolina's own Luke Combs. His unreleased song “Refrigerator Door” will hit you right in the feels. It's a super simple song, nailing down memories on the refrigerator door, but those memories weave into country gold. Listen to this, and hope Luke puts... Read More
Big Burger

Winston-Salem and Greensboro's 10 Best Hamburger Places

All of us on Team Wolf love a big burger, and the Triad is known for some of the best burger places in the nation . We've put our minds together and came up with this top 10 list of the best burger places in the Triad! 1.) Hops Burger Bar If you ever find your way to Greensboro, you have to eat at... Read More
Wedding Proposal

Wholesome Grandpa Records Himself Instead of Marriage Proposal

Can you imagine this happening to you? A guy in New Mexico proposed to his girlfriend at the top of a mountain recently, and asked an elderly man to record it for him. Sounds cool so far, right? But the man recorded the whole thing in selfie mode without realizing all he got was a video of... Read More
Kelsea Ballerini NEW this week on 93.1 The Wolf

Stephanie Quayle, Kelsea Ballerini and Luke Combs new on The Wolf

What a week for new music here at The Wolf! It's hot, and steamy... and I ain't even talking about the weather... This week, we welcome Greensboro's own Stephanie Quayle to our playlist with "Selfish". This track fits perfectly with this week with the steamy traditional-sounding progressions and... Read More
Chase on HTHS Harley

Win a brand new Harley-Davidson Sportster from 93.1 The Wolf!

It's almost here ...time to give away The Wolf's Smokin' Harley-Davidson Sportster! Saturday at Smokin' Harley-Davidson in Winston-Salem, we'll invite all of our key winners from Hometown Handshakes, and on air key winners to see if their key will start the bike - but if you didn't win a key yet,... Read More

The Wolf's Top 30: New Luke, Kane & Kelsea!

Here's to all the HVAC workers out there sweating it out so we here at The Wolf can crank out cool music that you've demanded! Hopefully, no matter what kinda summer fun you're getting in to this week, The Wolf can be a part of it...with these top 30 most requested songs: 30.) Old Dominion - Hotel... Read More