The Wolf's Random Act of Country Continues in Greensboro

Get To Know Claudia Hoyser

July 10, 2019

If you follow country music news, no doubt you've heard about the lack of females in country radio - and in spite of what you might think, there's amazing female talent in the format we want you to know about.  This week, The Wolf's Random Acts of Country features Claudia Hoyser, who instead of taking a national recording deal with a major label, is determined to make her mark on country music by 'taking the long road'.  Sure, it's takes much longer to build a fan base, get steady paychecks in, but let's face it - when the long road starts to pay off, the fruit is much sweeter!

Claudia's sass and tenacity has garnered over 38 million streams in social media (38 times the population of the Triad, btw), along with the launch of her own coffee brand, weekly Facebook video series, and all the other real cool perks of being a breakout country artist in 2019.

You've got a couple of chances to see Claudia do her thing - Friday at our Random Acts of Country show at the Wrangler Pop Up Store in Downtown Greensboro at 5pm, and Saturday night as she opens for Lorrie Morgan and Pam Tillis at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds.

Here's a video of Claudia Hoyser's Newest Single, "Call It Out":

Be sure to check out Claudia's website as well, you can find it here. This girl has got some cool stuff in the works!