Wolf Music Meeting: Stephanie Quayle

Is 'Selfish' a hit?

June 16, 2018

Every week here at The Wolf, we listen to countless brand new artists, established superstars and everyone in between to hand-pick the songs we think you'll love the most.  When we find a cool artist, or song, it's our job to share it with you, and Stephanie Quayle is one of 'em!

Stephanie is from Montana, but she calls Greensboro home!  Her pure country sound, and infectious stage presence makes her one of Rolling Stone's 10 Country Artists You Need To Know

With that said, would you mind taking a listen to Selfish and sharing if you think we should play it on 93.1 The Wolf or not?

Wolf Music Meeting: Is Stephanie Quayle's 'Selfish' a Hit?

Is Stephanie Quayle's "Selfish" a hit?

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