The 10 Best Burger Places in The Triad

Did your favorite spot make our list?

August 9, 2018
Big Burger

All of us on Team Wolf love a big burger, and the Triad is known for some of the best burger places in the nation.  We've put our minds together and came up with this top 10 list of the best burger places in the Triad!

1.) Hops Burger Bar
If you ever find your way to Greensboro, you have to eat at Hops.  If only to tell your friends that you ate at one of the best burger places in America!  It's your patriotic duty to wait in a long line (especially on a Saturday afternoon), because the high-brow ingredients and cool Greensboro chill atmosphere make the beer-themed eatery a must-stop for visitors and residents alike!

2.) Bad Daddy's Burger Bar
Back when, if you wanted a Bad Daddy burger, you had to go to Winston, but now with a new location on Wendover, we can dive face-first in a plate of tots and a mile-high stacked burger.  Certainly they did not invent the idea of putting fries on burger, but they sure act like it!  Shoestring fries on top of a hamburger patty with melty cheese make you quickly realize that this particular cow did not die in vain.  Plus, it really makes our good time better after washing their creations down with an ice cold local beer!

3.) Burger Batch
This used to be a Winston-Salem secret, but now, those in High Point can overindulge in some of the most creative and line-pushing burgers on the planet.  Mac & Cheese burgers and Pimento cheese infused burgers are just a start.  If you leave room, you can wrap up the meal with a ridiculous shake infused with Cap'n Crunch, Coco Puffs and more!

4.) Big Burger Spot
We've found the best burger places start in cramped, less-than-desiered locations.  Big Burger Spot began in part of a gas station on Battleground Ave, then grew to a second location near Wendover, off of Nicholas Road.  We believe their strengths come from the buns, the hand-made patties and the Steve Harvey burger.

5.) Nick's Old Fasioned Hamburger House - Welcome, NC
If you're a North Davidson fan, chances are you've stopped at Nick's before a Black Knights game.  Sure, the seating area is cramped, but the burger creations are well worth the lack of elbow room.  When you go to Nick's, be on the lookout for a cool high school kid trying to impress his buddies, eating the 4-pattied monstronsity Ralph and his crew cook up.

6.) Cin Cin Burger Bar - Winston-Salem, NC
Ever have a burger with two waffles as buns?  How about one with peanut butter on it?  No sweat, we've all turned our nose up and said 'eww' when we heard about 'em too, but its life-changing!  Situated near Baptist Hospital, Cin Cin has this cool vibe of those prohibition days.  The speakeasy vibe, neat cocktails and line-pushing burger creations are why this Winston-Salem spot is one of our favorites!

7.) Burger Warfare - 1209 Battleground Ave Greensboro, NC
We love Burger Warfare because of the awesome hardware in the parking lot!  Aside from their homemade spicy mayo, Burger Warfare really brings out the battle in Battleground Ave!

8.) Pete's Burger - 747 S Scales Street Reidsville, NC
Downtown Reidsville is rich with history, and Pete's Burger is right in the center of it!  Situated right in the heart of downtown, their fast and friendly service takes you back to a more innocent time...a time when you could leave your doors unlocked at night and sit on the porch listening to the bug zapper.

9.) Beef Burger - 1040 W Lee Street Greensboro, NC
If you're new to the Triad, and want to feel like a local - fast - get to Beef Burger.  Their toppings are fresh, the building feels like you've walked back in time, and the Cheerwine is ice cold!

10.) Five Guys - Friendly Center Greensboro
This is one instance where we love 'em for their fries more than we love their burgers.  Nothing beats ordering a small fry, and getting the sweet greasy bonus of bag fries!