WATCH: Making Stew on a Snow Day

Clay heats things up with the perfect snow day meal!

January 8, 2017
Beef Stew

I don't know about you, but when the weather is gross, all I want to do it cook hot, hearty comfort food for my crew.  Last night I served up a big 'ol pot of redneck chili, and we dutch-ovened the night tonight, we plan to chow down on a simple, but incredible crock-pot staple for generations...beef stew.

I've always wanted to host my own cooking show...take a look:

Here's my simple recipe:

1.) Get a pound or so of stew meat, and one of those stew packets in the seasoning aisle at the store.

2.) Cut up a mess of taters, onions, carrots and celery

3.) Roll that meat in flower, and brown 'er up

4.) Mix that seasoning packed up with the perscribed amout of water...and mix it up, and pour it over the mess of vittles in your crock pot.

5.) Sit back, enjoy the smells for about 6-8 hours...then eat 'til you can eat no more!