TONIGHT: Brantley Gilbert in Greensboro - and we're pumped!

We love watching careers BLOOM!

February 24, 2017
Brantley Gilbert

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Ya know, it's really cool working here at The Wolf - for plenty of reasons...but for the sake of time, let me focus on just one reason...

We get to help artists become really big deals...

Yesterday I shared our history with Justin, tonight, we welcome Brantley Gilbert back to Wolf Country. 

Brantley Gilbert Wolf Interview
93.1 The Wolf

Back in the day, y'all used to e-mail us about this Georgia boy, who at the time, had no record deal, but was selling out concerts in Charlotte, Asheville and Raleigh...we listened, and started sneaking in songs from this (we imagined) unknown by the name of Brantley Gilbert.  Next thing you know, the BG Nation grew by thousands when his breakout Country Must Be Country Wide hit radio coast to coast.  What's so cool about Brantley, and frankly, most (if not all) of the artists we play here at The Wolf, have always remembered who got 'em to the he kept showing up at station events, playing at Memorial Day at Greensboro Harley-Davidson for Wounded Warrior, our Live in The Wolf's Den concert series and so many other cool things...

Brantley Gilbert with Gun and Jill
93.1 The Wolf

Tonight, we're excited to see Brantley play the biggest venue in the Triad, as he brings along newcomer Luke Combs to open the show.  I have a feeling Brantley will pay forward all the goodness country music brought him years ago.

We'll see ya at the show!