Throwback Thursday: The time Rodney Adkins played LIVE in The Wolf's Den

Watch him play 'Farmer's Daughter' back in the day!

March 2, 2017
Rodney Atkins

USA Today


Ever sit around and wonder what happened to so-and-so?

I was thinking about Rodney Adkins the other day - and recalled a conversation he and I had a few months back.  He and I were talking about the importance of being a good daddy to our youngin's.  Certainly, he's got a little more experience than I do in that department (that little Buckaroo is like 16 now, ya know)...but he's a rare breed - right up in the ranks of Josh Turner.  You never see major stadium-sellout tours with Rodney or Josh - you just hear big hit songs every couple of years that help support their families.

I have a lot of respect for these men.'s #TBT comes from the time Rodney brought his buddies by the LIVE in The Wolf's Den studio and played what was at the time a brand new song - Farmer's Daughter: