Throwback Thursday: The time Justin Moore played in Reidsville

February 23, 2017



From day one, Justin Moore has been all in for his fans - and this week's Throwback Thursday video pretty much sums up the consistent attitude he's had from the beginning.  In mid-2008, Justin was signed to Valory Music Group and released a couple of singles to radio that really didn't latch on...then he cut this song that resonates to all of us from the middle of nowhere...Small Town USA.

We at The Wolf were so blown away by the way Justin describes the towns we come from, we immediately began playing it on The Wolf.  Then, Justin decided to do something no other artist had done before here in the Triad - he came to the small town of Wallburg, North Carolina to help us raise money for a brand new baseball field! He didn't ask for a cut of the money - instead he went in the hole to make the trip to Davidson County to help out one of the towns he so eloquently sings about in his first real hit.

Later that summer, Justin decided to come back again...this time to support another one of our favorite small towns - Reidsville, NC - and that's where I caught up with him in the video below.

We love Justin Moore, and we're proud to him in The Wolf family for all these years!