4 Spooky Friday the 13th Country Songs to Give You the Creeps!

September 13, 2019
Friday the 13th

If you get the creeps today, it's not just you...it's both Friday the 13th and the night the incredibly rare Harvest Moon comes out to play...that's a big 'ol full moon...oh boy!

Is Friday the 13th a real nightmare for you?  Here's some of our favorite eery country songs to send chills up your spine on this unlucky day:

4.) The Band Perry - Better Dig Two

Typically thoughts of love, weddings and marriage conjur up sweet thoughts of white dresses and loving vows.  However, for The Band Perry, this wedding day gets dark real quick with the extremely creepy take on "til dead do we part"

3.) Eric Church - Creepin'

The title is spooky enough, but then you add the quick-cut music video, you're sucked into Eric's train-robbin' film.

2.) Alan Jackson - Midnight in Montgomery

Nothing gets you in the mood for Friday the 13th like a spooky run-in with ghosts of country music past!  References to Hank Williams' passing on New Years and his final resting place in Montgomery send chills up all of our spines.

1.) Garth Brooks - The Thunder Rolls (with the extra verse)

Just hearing the first few strums of this song is enough to give you goosebumps...then add the rain and thunder claps we're in for a Friday the 13th treat!  It's hard to find this version with the extra verse, because Garth believed the lines were too graphic...