Remember the time Garth Brooks almost walked out of the Super Bowl?

February 5, 2017
Garth Brooks

Ron Elkman/USA Today


Garth Brooks nearly walked out of one of the...wait...scratch that...the biggest gig in the history of performing...The Super Bowl in 1993.

Not only that, but he rewrote the rules when it comes to performing in front of the biggest audience in the free world!

According to former NFL Executive Director Don Weiss' book The Making of the Super Bowl: The Inside Story of the World’s Greatest Sporting Event, Garth was hoping to debut the video to We Shall Be Free during the broadcast.  If you remember, that song was a response to the L.A. riots after the Rodney King verdict, and if you remember, it featured video of KKK rallies, flag and cross burning and other content that the network big wigs deemed too minutes before kickoff Garth was rumored to leave the stadium!

Plus there's this - Garth wouldn't prerecord his performance of the National Anthem (which, as we've learned over the years, isn't uncommon to precut these sort of things), leaving the Super Bowl producers scrambling to find a replacement.  Luckily, John Bon Jovi was in the audience, and volunteered to help...but in the end, Garth won, and the biggest sporting event in the world was postponed for the first time ever, and the video for We Shall Be Free debuted...

Oh and get this - because of the whole 'Garth walking out' thing, it's now a requirement for any rendition of the National Anthem at the Super Bowl to be pre-recorded, because the slightest glitch would devistate the when Luke Bryan performs today, you'll see it on tape, not live...