NEW THIS WEEK: Young and Old(ish)

It's a rainy week for some hot tunes...

August 7, 2017

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There's hardly ever anything special about Tuesdays - unless you love tacos...

But personally, I love Tuesdays because it's when I get to introduce you to some incredible new music here on 93.1 The Wolf. 

Weatherman is calling for a damp, dreary week, so I've assembled a playlist of some mood music in our fresh Wolf Track category - check this out...

I recall a sad day in 2009 when Nashville Star winner Chris Young rolled up to The Wolf, and, as most artists do, invited me up on the bus to play us some songs.  What made this visit a little different, however, was his humility and honesty.  Fact is, back in '09, Chris had released a couple of songs that really didn't ring the 'ol hit bell, and he was running the risk of losing the record deal he won in the now defunct reality show.  I'll never understand how he was able to muster up the courage to look me in the eye and state that this was his last chance - and if the song didn't stick, he'd be without a record deal...remember The Little Black Dress Song?

Thank goodness it stuck, or else I wouldn't have the pleasure of introducing you to Chris Young's latest work, which is akin to a Bieber song - check out Losing Sleep!

Now, on with the real young on the playlist this week - country youngster Aaron Watson and his first-out to mainstream country radio, Outta Style...

It's nice knowing that country music is far from going outta style, ya know!

Oh yeah, we still have brand new music on the air this week from Chris Stapleton, Eric Church, LANco and so much more!

If there's a song you think we're missing out on here at The Wolf, please drop me a line or DM me on Twitter - @clayjdwalker!